As a customer of Tennessee American Water, you have the right to know how to get the best service from your water utility. We recognize the trust you place in us to provide high-quality, reliable drinking water. It is a responsibility that defines what we do as your local water company.

Our employees conduct an extensive treatment and monitoring program to ensure your water meets all state and federal drinking water regulations. Our water quality reports will help you learn more about water quality in your area.

Good water service goes beyond providing high-quality water. Whether we are starting up service, providing bill payment options, or helping you to understand your responsibilities regarding your internal plumbing and meter accessibility, our goal is to keep you informed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have questions about your rights and responsibilities as a customer, please contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at 1.866.736.6420. If your question is not resolved to your satisfaction, you have the right to contact the Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC) ** at 1-800-342-8359 or by email contact.tpuc@tn.gov.

Tennessee Public Utility Commission (TPUC)
502 Deaderick Street, 4th Floor 
Nashville, TN 37243

Tennessee Public Utility Commission

1-615-741-2904 (main)
1-615-741-2904 Ext. 192 (complaint)
1-800-342-8359 (in-state toll-free)

**TPUC changed its name in 2017.  It was formerly known as the Tennessee Regulatory Authority (TRA).

What Equipment is Your Responsibility?

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