California American Water may provide an adjustment for high bills as a result of excessive water use. Issues should be resolved before applying and must be submitted within six months of occurrence.

You will receive a confirmation or denial of the adjustment request via letter.  If granted, the adjustment provided will be included with the next regular monthly bill.  Customers may request a payment agreement to cover any excess charges not included in the adjustment. While the adjustment request is being processed, it is advisable to remit payment for a “normal” bill amount.  The open balance will not be subject to collection activity while the adjustment request is in processing.

The following scenarios are eligible:

  • Leak at Property: Covers leaks within (interior plumbing or appliances) and outside (service line) of the structure.
  • High Use – Cause Known: Covers excessive water use for which the cause is known. As an example, irrigation equipment Inadvertently left on.
  • High Use – Cause Unknown: Covers excessive water use for which the cause is unknown.  As example, high use is experienced for a single billing period and then usage patterns return to normal.  Field investigation is unable to determine the cause of higher-than-expected water use.

For consideration submit using one of the following:

Please allow up to 20 business days for processing.