Northern Division is made up of the Sacramento Tariff Area which includes Sacramento area, Dunnigan, Geyserville, and Hillview; Larkfield; Meadowbrook; and Fruitridge Vista Service Areas. 

Your Current Water Rates

Northern Division Rate Schedules
Schedule UF - Surcharge to Fund Public Utilities - Commission Reimbursement Fee
CA- Miscellaneous Service Fees
Compound Meters
Private Fire Service (PFS)
Schedule No. CA-Fees
Schedule No. CA-Multi-Use - Multi-Use Residential Customers
Schedule No. CA-Out - Residential Metered Service- CAW OPT-Out Tariff 
Schedule No. CA-Temp - CAW Construction and Temporary Service Tariff

Customer Assistance Program

At California American Water, we believe fresh, clean water is a resource that should be made available to everyone. That is why we have developed the Customer Assistance Program to assistance to families who may be undergoing financial hardship.

Schedule CA-CAP

Northern Division Service Area Brochure and Maps

Sacramento Brochure- This brochure describes the Sacramento service area, system improvements, conservation efforts and other frequently asked questions.

Fruitridge Vista Service Area Map
Hillview Service Area Map
Larkfield Service Area Map
Sacramento Service Area Map

Contracts and Deviations

List of Contracts and Deviations

General Rate Case Application and Customer Notifications

You can find a list of all Applications submitted to the CPUC - Click Here


Advice Letters

You can find a list of Advice Letters submitted to the CPUC - Click Here