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Table of Contents
Preliminary Statement
Service Area Maps - Dunnigan
Service Area Maps - Monterey

Rate Schedules

Schedule SA - Active Sewer Service for Monterey County
Schedule SP - Passive Sewer Service for Monterey County
Schedule WW - Dunnigan
Schedule WW-CAP - Customer Assistance Program
Schedule WW-Fees - Late Payment, Reconnection and Facilities
Schedule UF
Contracts and Deviations

Customer Assistance Program

At California American Water, we believe fresh, clean water is a resource that should be made available to everyone. That is why we have developed the Customer Assistance Program to provide assistance to families who may be undergoing financial hardship.


Rule No. 1 - Definitions
Rule No. 2 - Description of Service
Rule No. 3 - Application for Service
Rule No. 4 - Contracts
Rule No. 5 - Special Information Required on Forms
Rule No. 6 - Establishment and Re-establishment of Credit
Rule No. 7 - Deposits
Rule No. 8 - Notices
Rule No. 9 - Rendering and Payment of Bills
Rule No. 10 - Disputed Bills
Rule No. 11 - Discontinuance and Restoration of Service
Rule No. 12 - Information Available to Public
Rule No. 13 - Temporary Service
Rule No. 14 - Continuity of Service
Rule No. 15 - Main Extensions
Rule No. 16 - Service Connections, Meters and Customer's Facilities
Rule No. 17 - Measurement of Service
Rule No. 18 - Meter Tests and Adjustment of Bills for Meter Error
Rule No. 19 - Service to Separate Premises and Multiple Units, and Resale of Sewer Service
Rule No. 20 - Limitation on Wastes Discharged into the Utility's Sewer System
Rule No. 21 - Commercial, Institutional and Industrial Wastes
Rule No. 22 - Military Family Financial Relief Act

Sample Forms

Form No. 1 - Application for Sewer Service (49-S)
Form No. 2 - Customer's Deposit Receipt (50-S)
Form No. 3 - Bill for Service (51-S & 52-S)
Form No. 4 - Main Extension Contract (53-S & 54-S)
Form No. 5 - Main Extension Contract - Individuals (55-S)

General Rate Case Application and Customer Notifications

You can find a list of all Applications submitted to the CPUC - Click Here

Advice Letters

You can find a list of Advice Letters submitted to the CPUC - Click Here