American Water Puddles Image

Meet Puddles!

In 1996, Puddles had his humble beginning as a promotional item that was given away at The New Jersey League of Municipalities. He was chosen from a long list of options by a dedicated New Jersey American Water employee. The ducks were a fast success during the conference. So successful were the ducks that the company began to give them away during other events that year. With the quick rise in popularity of our rubber duck, the following year the decision was made to offer a new duck to be used for the Conference of Mayors meeting, the League of Municipalities conference and other external events. With the decision to offer a new duck, a tradition and a legend was born.

Today, Puddles acts as American Water's announcer. When big events happen in the company, a new Puddles is born. He's distributed to employees as a commemoration. He is searched for at tradeshows and conferences, as attendees have learned to look for him.