American Water recognizes the shared responsibility between the utility and our customers to control Legionella and other microbes in building plumbing. This page explains how we are doing our part to help make sure you are receiving the safest, highest quality water, reaching you every day.

Each year, we invest approximately $1 billion to replace aging infrastructure, upgrade or construct new facilities as well as to help make sure of our compliance with the latest water quality standards.  American Water takes water quality very seriously and works hard to help make sure of your safety.  We take pride in our consistent high scores for meeting strict drinking water regulations.We consistently score greater than 99% in drinking water compliance.

Our annual water quality reports – also called Consumer Confidence Reports - give our customers a clear picture of the quality of their water. In addition we provide a water quality summary that provides additional information that customers frequently ask for.

To find a water quality report for your system simply enter your zip code in the following link:

Water Quality Reports CCR and Water Quality Summary


The water delivered from our treatment facility to your property is disinfected to meet all federal and state standards for public health.  Information on the type of disinfectant and typical concentrations can be found in the water quality summary.

When we conduct periodic maintenance or repairs on our water system, we will notify you through notices in the newspaper, on social media, or directly through our smart phone app. To help make sure that you have the latest information sign up at My Accounts.

American Water’s Research Program and Central Water Quality Laboratory are designed to enhance our services, help make sure of compliance, and shape a more sustainable future.  As part of our R&D efforts, we are working with research institutions and partners to develop methods for monitoring and control of Legionella and other emerging contaminants.  Our Central Laboratory in Belleville, Illinois, conducts sophisticated testing and analysis and stays at the forefront of monitoring, testing, identifying and controlling contaminants before specific federal regulations are put in place. Our highly sophisticated analytical and research capabilities are why the United States Environmental Protection Agency regularly taps into our lab and our research team to help develop federal drinking water standards and regulations.

Our employees also do their part in our communities through volunteer programs, rain gardens, stream bank stabilization, hydration at 5k runs, and community workshops.

Environmental Grant Program and Grant Application Form.


This information is provided for the sole purpose of providing our customers with currently available information regarding actions to minimize exposure to Legionella .  The information provided on this site is based on publicly-available data and American Water does not guarantee the accuracy of this information on this site or of the information provided on the third party sites linked within.  This information, or reference to any devices or services is not intended for any commercial, legal or other use. The materials and information contained in this site are provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind.