American Water subsidiaries have had the opportunity to work with communities of all sizes, all over the country. Here are just a few recent testimonials from community officials and leaders with whom we have worked.

business development Testimonial

  • Fisher, Illinois: “Illinois American Water has made critical infrastructure upgrades. With their resources, they’ve completed work faster and with less impact to rates than if we’d handled these investments ourselves.” Mayor Michael Bayler

  • Tolono, Illinois: “The sale of the water and wastewater systems will provide the residents of Tolono with industry experts focused on upgrading the water and wastewater systems. The Village will benefit from capital investments which will allow the Village an opportunity for community development and growth.” Mayor Rob Murphy

  • Arnold, Missouri: “We believe that this partnership will be an important part of Arnold’s future as a great place to live, work and play.” Mayor Ron Counts

  • Eureka, Missouri: “Eureka has grown, and with that the expertise and staffing required to run our systems greatly increase. It became increasingly difficult to find staffing and expertise for a system of this size while meeting federal and state regulations. Since the public vote in 2020, we have waited for the opportunity to have Missouri American Water as our water and wastewater provider. The City of Eureka can now redeploy the proceeds of this sale to invest in our community.” Mayor Sean Flower

  • Long Hill Township, New Jersey: “This sale will wipe out any and all debt that the town has, plus leave us with a surplus of about $1.3 million for the next few years that would have been used for debt service and other things.” Mayor Matt Dorsi

  • Mount Ephriam, New Jersey: “Selling our systems to New Jersey American Water eliminated a lot of risk for our small community. They are experts on water and sewer and have been able to provide us with quality service at reasonable rates for many years.” Mayor Michael “Traz” Tovinsky

  • Sommerville, New Jersey: “Selling the sewer system to New Jersey American Water was the right decision for our community. With private ownership of the system, the borough will eliminate the need for significant rate increases going forward and borrowing money for future improvements will end. Somerville will then be able to fund other needed projects, the sewer system will be maintained and improved on a consistent basis, and sewer rates will remain stable.” Mayor Dennis Sullivan

  • Fairview Township, Pennsylvania: “This transaction brings a number of benefits for our community. The sale’s proceeds helped pay off approximately $21 million in sewer debt and avoid millions of dollars in additional debt that might have been incurred for planned sewer projects.” Fairview Township Board of Supervisors Chairman Robert P. Stanley Jr.

  • McKeesport, Pennsylvania: “The crux of this transaction is bringing financial stability to the City of McKeesport and saving our taxpayers from Act 47 municipal bankruptcy. When we think about it, the privatization of local sewage services truly makes sense. The City isn’t involved in other utility businesses – gas, electric, water – and this is a final step in providing consistent, regulated utility services to our community.” Mayor Michael Cherepko

  • York, Pennsylvania: “For our residents and businesses who are proud to call York home, this sale brings stability and hope for our future.” Mayor Michael Helfrich

  • Whitwell, Tennessee: “Our priorities are being met and Tennessee American Water has proven to be a great partner for Whitwell.” –Mayor Cindy Easterly

  • Waverly, Virginia: “The partnership with American Water has been amazing for a lot of reasons. They not only are a good partner with the water system, they’re just a good partner with the Town of Waverly.” Mayor Angela McPhaul

  • Jefferson County, West Virginia: “With this agreement, the future of the Eastern Panhandle is bright. This sale presents an incredible opportunity for our area and our customers. I look forward to all that West Virginia American Water will do for and within our communities.” Lee Snyder, Owner, Jefferson Utilities