Less Paper. More Trees.

We'll plant one tree for every customer who converts to paperless billing during the month of August of National Water Quality Month! 

Last year, Pennsylvania American Water launched a campaign to reduce paper usage and plant trees across the Commonwealth. Because of the program’s success, we’re doing it again this year.

For every customer (up to 2,000) who switches from paper to electronic bills this month, we’ll donate $12 to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership. Each contribution underwrites the full cost of planting one tree, including a reusable stake and shelter.

This collaborative project provides sustainable benefits toward watersheds across Pennsylvania: Limiting the impact on forests; reducing waste, energy and fuel use; and improving water quality and aquatic life in streams near tree plantings.

Easy enrollment

To go paperless today, log on to your account through the company’s MyWater portal and click “Go Paperless” on the left side of your home page. Don’t have a MyWater account? It’s quick to set one up. Click “Sign Up” in the MyWater login window and be sure to have your account number handy.

Enrolling in paperless billing programs is one way we can all decrease our environmental footprints and be good stewards of our critical natural resources. Cutting down on paper mail saves trees and fuel – plus it’s easy and economical. We hope you’ll join us in this important sustainability effort.

Request trees for your property

Take your environmental commitment a step further and request free trees to plant on your property! Trees can help clean your local water, improve your living conditions, create natural shade and privacy, and increase your property value. Click here for more information. Be sure to note that you are a Pennsylvania American Water customer on the online request form.

About our partnership

"Pennsylvania American Water has given their customers the opportunity to act and witness the impact of one small action, contributing to something big. Through the paperless billing campaign, Pennsylvania American Water has made planting a tree as easy as a click of the mouse. They have shown their commitment to our communities and the environment by continuing the partnership with the Keystone 10 Million Trees Partnership. We are grateful for Pennsylvania American Water and their support in normalizing a culture of conservation!"

- Joe Hallinan, Keystone Trees Pennsylvania Partnership Manager