For 135 years, Pennsylvania American Water has been a recognized leader in all things water. That’s why more and more communities are looking to us to be their wastewater service provider. Our team of experts has what it takes to deliver safe, dependable, environmentally responsible wastewater services. Being a good steward of your water – including what goes down the drain – is just one more way We Keep Life Flowing.

Safe, effective and reliable wastewater treatment is an essential service. We provide communities with scientifically proven and environmentally sound solutions for collection, treatment and release.

Below are a few examples of technology we implement in the field to create efficiencies of scale, scope and cost:

  • Membrane Bioreactors: Combining ultrafiltration and biological treatment, membrane bioreactors are a powerful and efficient solution for the treatment of wastewater.
  • Biological Nutrient Removal: The removal of nutrients such as nitrogen and/or phosphorous through an activated sludge system.
  • UV Disinfection: Replacing chlorine with more environmentally friendly UV technologies for a safer, more efficient way to disinfect wastewater.

Wastewater Treatment Process



12 Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Download the infographic on 12 Things That Should Never Go Down Your Drain

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